stellah-na-mum-2One of our success stories is Stella.
She came to Wings of Compassion in April 2012 when she was 17 years old with her baby, who was 5 months old at the time.
Her mother passed away when she was 8
Her father then abandoned them and she and her younger brother were forced to live various relatives.
They started exploiting her, forcing her to work as a domestic worker.
When she fell pregnant, she was abandoned completely.
She was under nourished during her pregnancy and as a result, her son was malnourished as she never had enough milk to sustain him.
When she was referred to us, we initially placed her in counselling sessions to help her recover from her traumatic ordeal.
On completion, she began a course in tailoring, and we bought her a sewing machine and various materials to set up a business.
We also arranged a room for her and her son to live in. She is now living on her own, and her business is flourishing.
It is stories like this that are only made possible by your continued help and support.