BridgetThere are many barriers to education in Kenya, especially for girls and young women.
While Kenya has made significant strides in adopting education policies that help those most in need, there are still significant numbers of girls among the poorest tribes that receive little to no education.
UNICEF reports that the enrollment rate for girls in some tribes for girls are 25% while the worst having an enrollment rate of just 14%
Bridget came to us with her mother Tracey with no hope for any kind of education.
Girls who do not continue with school are more likely to encounter forced marriages and the forceful practice of forced genital mutilation.
They are also at a higher risk of falling into prostitution just to survive day to day.
When girls like Bridget get an education they are more likely to go into areas like teaching, law, and arts subjects.
Between 1980 and 1987, bachelor’s degrees in education and arts accounted for between 63.7% and 67.6% of the total attained by women.
Trends like this may lead to the narrow isolation of women into service and teaching jobs.
Our goal is to help lift these girls out of extreme poverty and to give them the opportunities to make better lives for themselves.
Thanks to the generous support we receive, Bridget and her mother, Tracey are getting that opportunity.