Wings of Compassion is a rescue home for teenage girls, who are orphaned, or most vulnerable, below 15 years and pregnant.

Founded in 2011, by Rev. Danshire and his wife, Dorcas Danshire, It was born out of a deep desire and commitment to alleviate the dire situation of teenage mothers.

These young mothers are typically products of broken families and have experienced absolute poverty, sexual abuse, exploitation, drug abuse and prostitution.

These experiences have served to erode their self-confidence and left them with a feeling of hopelessness.

Our objective is to bring hope back into the lives of these mothers, through offering them a home, food, clothing, preaching the gospel, counselling and parenting skills.

We offer education through primary, secondary, college and vocational training, thereby empowering them to become self-reliant and to provide their children with a bright future.

When the home opened, we had 18 mothers. This number steadily increased, and by August 2011 we reached our maximum capacity with approximately 20 mothers and their babies.

At present, we have successfully supported 54 mothers who have since left our home and are now completely self-reliant.

A significant part of our mission is also to engage the wider community in providing support for our young mothers.

This not only helps to sensitize the community on their ongoing plight, but also helps to build strong relationships and promote social cohesion.

It also helps to eliminate the stigma that surrounds teenage mothers and promotes positive support.

We are also in the process of establishing a mentoring program that will pair up successful women in the community with our young mothers in the hope of encouraging them and inspiring them to pursue their ambitions and excel in life.

We believe that this will be a successful program as our young mothers will be able to engage and interact with their mentors on a one to one basis.

Mentoring has several benefits including, establishing a strong support system, exposure to diverse experiences and knowledge and access to various resources, all of which will be invaluable to our young mothers as they leave the home.

We are eternally grateful to our team members and volunteers, to the surrounding community who help us on an ongoing basis and to all of our donors who give young mothers a chance at a better life.

Most of all, we are thankful for our Father in Heaven who gives us the strength to do all things through his Son, Jesus Christ.